In the Studio.

Starting the conversation...

A life is like a house. It stores our treasures, memories, talents & gifts; carries our sorrows and joys.  We can build on it, a remodel... might need fixing, some repairs during various seasons of our lives.  We may get a new one, have several. Reinvent ourselves after one career life has ended.  Our house can make us proud and happy. It can inspire others.

We say, if your life is a house, how would you design it?, because it causes us to pause and take charge of the happenings in our lives. Remember, God gave us this life, this house, are we using it for the purpose and full measure He has asked of us?

IN THE STUDIO, is where we at d. house company, create, try stuff and think through processes.  We love mood boards/dashboards, vision boards, gratitude journals, and so many other fun things to get us get unstuck when roadblocks in life complicate matters.

Trying Stuff

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