Life Coaching 

A plan to help you unpack for the journey...

Life is not easy.  Life coaching is created to assist in giving help through life when it gets busy, complicated, messy, or heavy.  Life situations can leave us weighed down, stuck, or just not able to move forward for a variety of reasons. As a coach, we encourage and empower; giving you tools to unpack for your life journey.  We are not therapists or clinical counselors.  We are builders. 

At d. house company, our way of doing this is through design thinking.  Design is a plan; the inner workings before something is built.  A design process is used to sell products and services.  There is an idea, a prototype is created, it fails, another trial is administered until the best product or service is on the market for consumers to enjoy.   Somehow, we forget this same process can be applied to designing our lives.

At Stanford University, design thinking  as a creative method began almost 60 years ago.  In the last fifteen years, two university professors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans noticed a lot of their students didn't know what to do after college graduation.
 In fact, they mention in their book, Designing Your Life: How to Build A Well-Lived, Joyful Life, that only 27% of graduated students go into their desired major.  They formed a design school,, assisting students in designing their lives, using a series of creative approaches in design thinking. Design thinking asks us to have a builder mindset. Be curious. Try stuff.  Re- frame.  Know its a process.  Ask for help.
At d. house company, we embrace the teachings of Burnett & Evans, we've taken their Designing Your Life (DYL) Creative Live Online Class and working towards our DYL Life Coach certification.

Our Design Process

We are builders.  Every builder has a foundation and ours is the Holy Bible, the Word of God. It helps us establish identity; we are beautifully and wonderfully made. Life is precious, fragile and yet powerful; meant to be intentional and purposeful. 


Have you accepted your need for help?  Do you have reverence for those willing to help you? 


Are you willing to commit the work?  Put the work in.  How will you stay motivated?  

Gathering & Defining.

Gathering the information you need to move forward, make the change, etc. Defining the situation, emotions, meeting  yourself where you are. 

Select & Refine.

What is the most important thing to you? What in your life needs to stay, what needs to go? We are analyzing the facts vs. fiction.  We are getting to the root of the issue. 


What's the plan?  Is there more than one? 


How are we implementing it?  What is the process?  Accountability?  


How did we do? 

Measure & Celebrate.

What did the evaluate say?  What can we celebrate?