Hi...Come in! 

My life is all about design.

I am a life designer.  I didn't know that until I was walking through a house being built and God said, "you will do this for people."  Of course, I didn't get it.  I went about it what felt like a thousand different ways, but once I realized what I was doing had a name and a community, I was more than sold, I was home.  

If my life was a house, I would be in my backyard space with a fire-pit going, my favorite blanket around me on a crisp Fall day.  My children would be teasing each other with funny stories from their childhood and the banter between them would make me smile.  We would roast marshmallows, make s'mores and laugh. The children would get sleepy, go to bed and leave me in the quiet to allow the fire to die.  It would be here where I would thank God for every pain, every tear, every sleepless night, and every morning after where He made everything work for my good.  I'm just grateful.